January 2009 Giveaway: PL Quiz #1

How Well Do You Know the World?

As of 12noon PST 1/29/09 the following quiz is now officially closed.
We appreciate all of the responses and will be tallying-up and posting the answers within the next few days.

Answer the 15 questions below correctly and win a free copy of
The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer.

RULES: Precise answers and proper spelling are necessary to receive a top score. Submit answers via email to TraveLiving@theportablelifestyle.com. Feel free to forward the Giveaway Competition to everyone you know! By providing your email address, you agree to receive periodic messages regarding The Portable Lifestyle™ and related products. We do not share nor sell our email address lists.

 Question 1:   What do South Africans call traffic lights (a word that is painted even at intersections)?

 Question 2:   What country would you be in if you were greeted by "Bula!"?

 Question 3:   How many U.S. islands are in the Caribbean? BONUS: Name each one.

 Question 4:   What is the major landmark (two identical ones) in Kuala Lumpur.

 Question 5:   Name both the Southernmost point in the U.S.A. and the Southernmost point in the Continental U.S.A.

 Question 6:   Where are you most likely to find a cenote? BONUS: What is it?

 Question 7:   What is the most popular nickname for Australia and why?

 Question 8:   Describe the difference between a cidomo and a tuk-tuk. BONUS: Where would you find each one?

 Question 9:   Name at least three French-speaking countries in Europe.

Question 10:  What date did both Hong Kong and the Panama Canal transition to their current nationalities? BONUS: Which country did each belong to both before and after the transition?

Question 11:  Which major world power is the only holdout in Europe in converting to the Euro?

Question 12:  What city is considered the cultural center of Bali? BONUS: And which city is considered the tourist center of this island?

Question 13:  What is a "ladyboy" and where might you find one?

Question 14:  How many countries are there in Antarctica?

Question 15:  What is the name of the currency used in Mauritius?

Thanks to all of you who participated. This quiz is now officially closed. We will be tallying up and posting the answers within the next few days. You can still submit your answers via email to TraveLiving@theportablelifestyle.com if you would like to see how well you know the world. You can also buy the Primer at www.theportablelifestyle.com/primer or sign-up for our FREE teleseminar at www.theportablelifestyle.com.

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