I (Kathryn) have a Sacred Circle in Malibu – a group of women all who work in mental health or the healing arts. We are quite international,

MONDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 2021


  • Where on Earth Are Kathryn, Jon & the Boys Now?
  • Now That We're All Location-Independent, What Next?
  • Devices Have Changed Everything
  • COVID-19 Consideration


Hey there! Hope this newsletter finds you safe & well.

I (Kathryn) have a Sacred Circle in Malibu – a group of women all who work in mental health or the healing arts. We are quite international, and this summer, all but one of us went to Europe.

The first one who went was our pioneer. At the time, we didn’t know if we would get in, the requirements kept changing and it was nerve-wracking. Kara, our first friend to go, arrived to France with a stack of papers with vaccine proof, negative Covid test proof and proof she was working there. They detained her an hour but she & her husband got in. And later, other family followed.

We all learned from Kara. I was next, and I had an even larger sheaf of papers since I was traveling and teaching in 5 countries. Kara had texted back to the rest of us what she encountered, and so I was better prepared and made it into London with no worries, traveling on then to Europe.

I texted back to the others how it went for me and any new rules I learned. Like that in the UK, it was okay if you were just passing through and had to change to a different airport. And that you didn’t have to quarantine if you were working.

Next was Marie to France and Monica to Italy. I’m traveling again as I write this, also internationally, and it’s getting easier as you know the rules. More tips below. We heard that planes are one of the safest places to be with their air filtration, so I hope that’s true.

Below find more tips on traveling right now as well as more on how to capitalize on this time when it seems like EVERYONE is working at home and so has the chance for a Portable Lifestyle.

Abundant Travels,


Now That We're All Location-Independent, What Next?

The pandemic really accelerated the trend of becoming location-independent. I, Kathryn, had to travel home for a funeral and saw almost all of my vast array of cousins and relatives. None of them is going into an office right now.

I doubt it will ever go back to 5 days/40 hours a week. We’re beyond that now. There is value in going into an office, especially for those climbing the corporate ladder or wanting to network. But hybrid work seems the way of the future – going in some, working at home the rest of the time.

I have heard from so many of you that you took the opportunity to take wing and go where you wanted to be. I’ve never seen more people moving. Some are moving closer to parents. Some are going to their dream locale. While travel is still hard at the moment (constant Covid tests, wearing a mask all day, trying to avoid crowds), there has never been a better time to take a test run into being portable.

We helped one of our clients negotiate a permanent Portable Lifestyle with her office. They really don’t need her there and we helped her become aware of just how invaluable she is to the company and how much money she makes them/saves them. Armed with that knowledge and a boost, she asked for and received not only permission to be remote from now on but a pay raise as well.


If you’re ready to dial it in from the tropics, to locate to a different area that is more preferable, to island hope – now is the time to negotiate something permanent.

Or go to a contracting model, which another one of our clients did to great success. She was able to up her rates, dictate her terms and take on several other companies in her industry as clients. She is riding high, for the first time in her life, being in control and being in demand in her career. She just booked an entire month in her dream spot in Montana for this Spring, something she never thought she’d be able to do. She will look at real estate there for a possible permanent move.

Our prediction is that things will never be the same. . . for the better. We will all be more remote. The infrastructure for that will get more solid. (Since we went remote in 2007, any wifi, even paid was harder to find off the beaten path. Now, not only is it the norm, but it’s mostly free.

Hooray for our freedom!

Devices Have Changed Everything

We were recently in Hungary and it was worse than New York City in the rain for finding a taxi. Until we downloaded two apps. One was a taxi app and another Bird, to get scooters. After that, Budapest became a dream. Scooting around and hailing a taxi for almost nothing and having it show up right where you wanted it.

In Japan a few years ago, we got a chip to give wifi everywhere we went. After typing in our destination, Google Translate would tell the taxi driver where to go . . . in Japanese. And Google Maps not only told us where to go, but would tell us trains, walking and transfers as needed.

Now, somehow our T-Mobile plan is giving us free 2G Internet wherever we go. And free unlimited texting. So when the wifi went out during hurricane weather in August in Coastal NC, everyone in our party could jump on our phones’ hot spots and not skip a bit.

Question: Kathryn, I can

In Bali, you can summon a scooter with driver to come get you for $1 for a 20 minute ride.

Waze will get you anywhere you want to go . . . with traffic considered and police warnings (no more radar detectors needed).

It’s a new day and a great day for we portables. We can’t even begin to catalog all the things we no longer need from guidebooks to maps to language dictionaries to printed boarding passes, visas and more. It’s all digital and we love it!

COVID-19 Consideration

Everywhere we’ve been to has complex and convoluted COVID-19 rules. The Bahamas just lifted their curfew before we got there, thank God!

We’ve seen that most of the restrictions are online. Travel Sherpa, the website, has a pretty updated listing of what is needed in varying countries.

For example, to get into the Bahamas, ones had to fill out a Travel Health Visa online ahead of time and upload negative Covid test results.

The same is true of Verifly, the interface that American Airlines and many others are using to vet travelers to ensure they’ve met all requirements. You upload your vaccination card. You upload your COVID test results. You agree to their terms and it’s done.

We had to chuckle when we realized some


poor person was sitting there waiting for documents to be uploaded. It took the Bahamas about 21 minutes to verify the negative test result and approve the application.

Verifly has been as little as an hour.

We still highly recommend being overly cautious with printouts of everything, both a digital and laminated copy of your vaccine card and not waiting til the last minute to get a Covid test.

It’s still not ideal traveling all day with a mask on, but for us travel bugs, it’s better than staying home.

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