Hey there! It seems like we’ve all now gone portable but not having anywhere to go portable to for so long. Finally, travel is starting to g

MONDAY, JUNE 14th, 2021


  • Where on Earth Are Kathryn, Jon & the Boys Now?


Hi there! It’s Jon & Kathryn,

It seems like we’ve all now gone portable but not having anywhere to go portable to for so long. Finally, travel is starting to get easier, though it is still not the best.

On the heels of Jon Jon's high school graduation, three of us are actually currently traveling to Europe and London, and the papers we had to prepare, hoops jumped through, and tests taken – it is a lot.

On that note, if you’re in the UK and in need of love help, Kathryn is offering a rare in-person Love Healing Intensive in London June 26th.

By the end of June, things will be opening up and continue to do so. It’s a great time to start planning for new travel.

Many of our clients and customers have said they’re planning long road trips to local places they haven’t yet seen – not a bad idea.

Now, that things are opening up, Kathryn is doing her Dating Mastermind for the first time in two years. It’s a perfect time since interacting is easier (we have literally seen some folks post vaccine status on dating apps).

Along with that comes a free class, Connecting with the One that you can sign up for here.

Or get on the waiting list for the Dating Mastermind here.

Now that many more people have gone remote, doing what we’ve done since 2007 – we have a feeling most will probably never completely go back to being in an office 40 hours a week.

It doesn’t make sense. So with more time remote, we expect portable lifestyles to be booming. If you know someone who is ready to go, do send them our way.

We hope to see you out on the road as we all emerge back into the world!

Abundant Travels!


Are We Traveling?

Yes! Somehow through this whole pandemic, we have traveled some, though in much different ways with road trips and careful flights with lots of testing We all got vaccinated just for that reason – because of our need to travel. (Three of us got the Moderna vaccine & the little guy got Pfizer.)

Jon & Kathryn did a short road trip to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary in Solvang, California – a small Danish style town north of Los Angeles. As Kathryn teaches, it does a relationship a world of good to plan getaways together often. True to form, the little getaway was a magical time alone with some Michelin dining, hanging in our suite, shopping and a couples massage.

For Spring Break, which was pretty early this year, we rented a villa through Air BnB in San Diego with a pool, hot-tub, waterfall, mini golf and outdoor kitchen and did a road trip there. Even our dog came. Things were still locked down so we grilled out a lot, ordered takeout and pretty much stayed there to have a great time. Family, including a new baby, and friends came


to stay, and we had a great, bonding time.

The boys found every way possible to go down the waterslide. And we continued to swim train our Labrador, who should love water, but had an early pool incident that makes him scared of it. We’re working to heal that fear for him.

Now we are headed for Europe and between all of us, spend over a month there with two of our kids, longer. And later the Caribbean, Bruin Woods Family Camp at Lake Arrowhead and Williamsburg, Virginia.

So it must be time to travel again!

If you are in the UK, you can find out more about Kathryn’s Intensive there or a Meet & Greet (free) the day after on Sunday, June 27th.

Let Me Outta Here

Even the biggest introvert is just DONE. I have laughed at some of my clients who we thought would have a heyday through the whole pandemic. Even they are ready to get out and go.

Will it be the roaring 20’s yet again? Which is what happened after the pandemic of 1918? It might be.

One thing that we have noticed really helps is – even if you can’t quite travel yet, start planning it. That’s half the fun. The anticipation.

So look around for your bucket list places to go, map out a calendar with when you might want to go and start digging around for flights, lodging, etc.

Question: Kathryn, I can

That can help. And do what you can in the way of road trips, private villas and going to safer, open countries.

The New Economy

Along with pandemic came an awesome chance for new moneymaking. Podcasts , social media and influencing mushroomed in 2020, and we are astounded at the kind of money some of our clients are making.

- One client made her first influencing deal and it was 5 figures for ONE POST. She had seen her posts gain popularity during the pandemic as she soothed souls and posted inspiration. An influencing company approached her, and got her the first deal within a week.

- Another client has a waiting list that is 4 months long, her virtual services have become so popular during the pandemic. She had been building up a following on Instagram, not even using or having an email list, and everyone finds her and her services that way. She gets hundreds of likes on every post and quickly launched two courses in the works once she saw we were all getting locked down. She is set to make half a million dollars this year, after making only $50k in 2019 and then doubling that in 2020.

Investing also saw a boom with the overflow of stimulus and PPT loans being offered. One of our children who invested in Bitcoin early is having big abundance as his investments grow. Putting money back into your business or diversifying into crypto, NFT’s and other new opportunities is not a bad idea.


One client put $10k that he had to spare into a little-known crypto from a tip he got from a reddit buddy. That particular coin increased in value by 10, the client got his now $100K out & put it as a down payment on the first house he’s ever owned. Because he is a Portable Lifestyler, he bought it in Las Vegas where prices are cheap, just as a home base when he wants a U.S. place to land. He’ll still be traveling most of the time.

Find a new gig or a side gig that is virtual – influencing, substacks (the new blogs), podcasts, gigs are not that hard to set up these days. It may be your first step into freedom.

Because let’s face it – who wants to wait until retirement to be free? That’s what the Portable Lifestyle is all about.

In the changing times, it’s perfect to try something new. The old jobs that weren’t paying enough? No one wants them.

Seize the opportunity. Let’s go!


LOVE HEALING INTENSIVE - A Mini Coaching Program
Includes Live Class in London on June 26th


The UK is opening up on June 21st, and Kathryn is teaching a Love Breakthrough Intensive shortly after.

This is a concentrated mini coaching program in which Kathryn accelerates working out your love life — whatever your love issue may be.

An all day workshop with private coaching built into this program, it will take place live in person with Kathryn (rare) in an elegant locale with catered food in Central London

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