Sorry for not writing in so long. For a while there, travel was kind of dead. But it’s coming back to life, and even while none of us have b



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Hi there! It’s Kathryn & Jon.

Sorry for not writing in so long. For a while there, travel was kind of dead. But it’s coming back to life, and even while none of us have been traveling much, being virtual has been an answered prayer

We feel like we had ESP to go virtual all the way back on 2007. And so many of our clients and students have been grateful for the same thing, not skipping a beat when it comes to work and income

We hope you are finding your way with the new reality we have for now – with this current pandemic

Read on to find some tips for making the most of it!

Abundant Times,


Are We Traveling?

This summer, we ended up cancelling any plane travel and did a road trip to Aspen, Colorado, which was had never visited.

It was great! We saw a bunch of national parks en route to and from, stayed at a private villa and pretty much did stuff as a family, distanced.

We even had a BIG adventure of flipping on a white water rafting trip, partially from the light load of just our family and the river guide distancing. That raft was unbalanced!


We did hikes, horseback riding and thoroughly enjoyed nature there.

Kathryn also took a business trip retreat in Solvang – the popular Danish-style town in California – by car. They had closed all of the roads to let the restaurants and business spill out into the streets, where it is safer (outdoors).

Can You Travel?

Travel seems to be picking up right now. Our European friends are flying to Europe. And we will probably fly soon, too, now that new research is in

While we can’t give medical advice, studies have shown that masked travelers on planes are probably safer than they are shopping in the grocery store. Why? Due to the planes’ advanced air filtration systems. Flights are pretty cheap right now, which is a plus

If you do fly:

- wear a mask in the airport, getting there and on the plan. Our Italian friend wore a high quality mask for 10 hours straight getting to her home country. She didn’t even eat!

- distance as much as you can


- shorter airline flights are better than longer ones

- private planes (event empty segment cheaper private travel) are the choice of those who can afford it right now

- trains have sleeper compartments where you can get food delivered to you and never leave to minimize exposure to the virus

- road trips are easy. We have clients who have done a 3 day trip to Indiana and a 4 day trip to Texas (even scheduling around their kids online school work)

Making Money Right Now

We are all learning to have a new flexibility right now

We are very grateful that we plan each year in advance – business and travel-wise.

Due to this (and it’s a course Kathryn teaches at the beginning of each year), we had just seen elderly parents and far away relatives before the lockdown

And the first 3 months of the year were very busy and lucrative for us

When the lockdown started, and people were unsure what to do, like all of us, we had to alter our business plan for the rest of the year. Luckily – being virtual – that was not hard to do

We planned new courses to support the many of you who were writing to us for some support through this time

And we lowered prices, making our first offering donation-based, so no one


was left out who needed our help

Thankfully, business has been better than ever. We have even gotten a bit exhausted at how much has been going on

Suggestions for weathering this time are:

- be adaptable and tailor your work to home. Buy a tripod and iPad for more video and Zoom. Maybe put in a background or rearrange things behind your video to look professional. Get some flattering lights. You may need new equipment to adapt – like better microphones, increased internet capacity, etc

- lower prices. If you have your own business, people are struggling, and we know our customers appreciated and responded well to our price cuts

- hone your marketing better. If you can’t price

yourself as highly, doing more volume business is critical. So take some steps to find new markets for what you do

- and if you still have a full-time job, there has never been a better time to create a side gig. One of our clients started a mask-selling business that (as you can imagine) is doing gangbusters business – while she is staying home.

- Another client who has a cousin who is a printer has made almost 6 figures by being early on the scene for distancing stickers and signage that businesses are having to lay in

- And a bunch of our clients have been forced to finally take their business online – offering education, sessions and anything they can online

If people did not understand about going online, now we all do. So it’s a heyday for any Portable Lifestylers

Hope that helps, and we bless you for not skipping a beat during this strange time we’re in. Take good care of yourself, and do make the most of it


10-Week Love Will Find You Course


I know what it’s like to really want love and not know how to get it.

I remember being a single mom for far too many years. Feeling so alone. And feeling I would never have anyone in my life.

Let me tell you, it gets better. I’m not particularly special or exceptionally talented, and yet I’m now living with my soulmate. We’ve been married almost 20 years now, and it never gets old. We have created a family, have a functional relationship (something I had never even seen before) and I could not imagine how happy I would become!

So what changed? I used the very method that I now teach to find my person, Jon. I was doing everything wrong, and only by trial and error did I realize that.

I shifted my mindset, did things differently, and along came my soulmate shortly after. Since then, I started teaching what I had learned, and it kept working for my students, too.

I had to quit officiating weddings. It got so I was booked every weekend to preside at yet another happy client’s wedding!

I put all that I have learned in a book Love Will Find You, and it has become a word-of-mouth hit.

We all get love and you do, too!

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