We’re doing a live, low-priced course (less than half what we usually charge) to lead you through creating a virtual income while you’re sta




Hi there! It’s Kathryn & Jon, quarantining in our Malibu, California home.

Hope this email finds you well & hanging in there.

We’ve heard from some of our early students who are hunkered down on an amazing island continuing to make money virtually.

It’s certainly not too late to do that and a good time to lay in a side or virtual income right now during uncertainty.

So many of you asked that we’re doing a live, low-priced course (less than half what we usually charge) to lead you through creating a virtual income while you’re staying at home.

Our goal is to have you up-and-running in 4 weeks.

We’ll lead you step-by-step into it, holding your hand through it all.

In the meantime, while we know travel is out, virtual is certainly in (you may have noticed we have changed the name of our newsletter).

If you hadn’t yet gone virtual, we’re being forced to now.

Stay safe, be well and please know we are with you through this, hoping & knowing the best for you.

Love & abundance,


Travel Is Out, Virtual Is In

We’ve never been more happy to have gone virtual in 2007 than we are right now.

And we are busier than ever.

Those we have mentored are thrilled that using Zoom, Skype, virtual income are already set up, something the rest of the world is suddenly having to adapt to.

Their learning curve was small, because they were already there, as are we.

If you’re late to the game, no worries.


We’re here to help and would love to help you lay in a side income, take your c u r r e n t b u s i n e s s virtual or shift to full-time virtual self-employment.

It’s not hard to do and you may have already taken the first steps, just to continue working or being in touch with those you care about.

From what you have

already done, it’s easy to parlay that into an income. Just a few added steps

We’re doing a course to help you lay in a side or virtual income during quarantine

It’s both a work-group and material that you can keep forever to show you the way.

Find Out More HERE

And in the meantime, try to embrace the era we’re in. We don’t have a choice about it, but thank God we have endless entertainment options, easy ways to connect with anyone we want and ample opportunity to find abundance virtually.

Getting Home: a Fraught Tale

When the quarantine was implemented, Kathryn was in the Caribbean – St. Martin – celebrating her mom’s big birthday with a family girl’s trip.

During that time, the island shut their borders and almost every single flight in and out of the island was cancelled.

Luckily, Kathryn and her crew were flying Delta, one of the few airlines who did not cancel.

In fact, Delta sent an extra plane to get U.S. citizens out and the CEO donated his salary this year to the airline & employees to help out (We are now very fond of Delta, an airline we have always liked the most of the U.S. ones).

Shelves began selling out

of toilet paper during the trip and restaurants closed on the French side of the island

Luckily, they could still get takeout and still sit on the deserted Paradise Beach they had a private villa on

“I am so glad we also rented a car,” laughs Kathryn. “We had our germ pool there, picked up Lysol wipes, washed hands a lot and had a great time anyway.

They were very nervous about going back due to germs and also overbooking with tales of passengers with tickets getting left behind.

“The airport lines backed up for hours with people trying to get out of St Martin. We got there 4 hours ahead of time to secure out spots on our flight,” explains Kathryn.

“We also kept expecting to


get stopped by police, since we heard there was a checkpoint/road block between the French and Dutch side. We never found the blockade, thank goodness!”

Thousands of U.S. citizens were caught in other countries as the pandemic hit. In some cases, the U.S. sent planes to fetch people from places like Peru and Iran.

We have never been in a situation like this, but grateful that Kathryn got home as did so many others.

Adventure is part of what makes travel fun, and this trip turned into quite an adventure.

Making the Most of Staying at Home

If you are stuck at home for a long period of time, do you realize you could sow the seeds to change the rest of your life?

As we look back, it dawns on us just how future-oriented we were to go virtual in 2007, when no one had done it and technology was much less advanced.

We were lucky because books and CD’s were already part of our product line and those are the earliest ways to go virtual (think Gauguin or Ernest Hemingway – though we would not compare our work to such masters, just a similar untethered life).

There is great value in having the time within – staying at home – to re-evaluate your life, see what you want and hatch a plan to get it.

People have been coming out of the woodwork to ask us to teach them how to go virtual, set up a side income they can


have at home – to both recession proof them and ensure income through quarantine, however long that might last.

So we’re offering a low-priced course and work-group for the next 4 weeks to help you do just that.

We’ll lead you through the steps to Go Virtual with the goal to have an income coming in within a month.

There is very limited space, plus the price is less than half of most of our courses, so it will fill quickly. To find out more and if you know you want to be there, grab a spot while you can, click HERE.


Virtual Travel...

A big part of the joy we have in traveling is the planning stage – figuring out where to go, where to stay, what to do. All of that is something you can do right now while at home.

It’s really fun to look up photos of places, figure out the best beach. Look at excursions. Peruse Air BnB places.

Because our minds can never be imprisoned, we suggest doing that right now in order not to go stir crazy. Here are some ways how:

  1. Do a bucket list of a few places you really want to go visit
  2. Research them. Look at photos. Figure out why you want to visit it and what you must see when there
  3. Create an Instagram or twitter list and follow that location’s tourist board and maybe a few excursion companies or hotel chains there to start exploring it virtually right now
  4. If possible, buy a ticket right now to the bucket list place you want to visit next. In entire history of travel, we have never seen airline prices this low. Even if you buy a ticket for say October and we’re still not traveling then, you can postpone the trip and get the best deal you will ever have on a bucket list trip

As you explore, you’re already traveling there in your mind.

Do make looking at connection options – internet, phones – as part of your research to ensure you’re supported in carrying on your virtual income on the trip

Bon voyage!

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