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Tuesday 18th, October 2016

Kim n Jon Chili Cook-off
Jon Performs with a Friend on Labor Day

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Desrt Trip

Hello and happy Autumn!

We've just returned from an amazing once-in-a-lifetime concert near Palm Springs called Desert Trip with the Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and Roger Waters!

We were celebrating our anniversary. Each year we try to go off together, just the two of us, to have some alone time, and it really enhances our marriage.

We really enjoy live music so it has been a part of all of our extensive travels. Read on to discover another way to experience a culture via music.

Abundant Travels,
             Kathryn & Jon

Music All Over the World

Boys in Bali Turks and Caicos is one of the favorite Caribbean Islands that we've visited. Why? Many reasons, but one big one is that the people here...   Read More >>

Growing Up in a Portable Lifestyle

Make $ Online What We've Learned from Our (then) 7-Year-Old: Armed with a number of BrainQuest flash-card sets, his Leapster 2 portable gaming device, the Magic Treehouse...   Read More >>

Make $ Online For More than Half of One's Life (& beyond): Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a truly nomadic life where home is not a location, but a feeling...   Read More >>

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In this issue #39

Music All Over the World

From the harmonies of Fiji to the EDM of Tomorrowland in Belgium, live music has punctuated our travels wherever we go.

Because Jon is a musician, the tunes of a place are one way we experience a culture. And we've grown fond of so many new styles of music.

Boys in Bali We can't think of Bali without remembering the haunting instruments and tunes of that enchanted land. Or Jamaica and its wild Dance Hall DJ style. Or how much Philippino musicians love performing 1970's soft rock.

One of our best concerts of all time was seeing the 80's pop band Tears for Fears with VIP Tickets that were very inexpensive in Manila compared to what they'd be in the United States. And the Philippines was so appreciative of this band's first stop ever in that country that the audience's applause and cheers were a wall of sound we had never experienced anywhere before!

In the Caribbean, hearing how steel drums began (oil cans left over from World War II were put to good use) bonded us with this glorious music and will always remind us of palm trees and turquoise water.
Jon in Phuket
We also have made music all over the world. In the old days, we needed our LA studio to put out recordings and CD's. Now, we carry an entire studio on our laptops and have made recordings everywhere. Kathryn sometimes identifies the city she's in on her spoken word recordings -- Hong Kong, Cape Town, Sydney, among others.

Jon has a tiny midi keyboard that fits in his briefcase, and we travel with mics, headphones and other sound gear that fills only a portion of a small bag.

So when inspiration strikes, we're ready to put it to music. We hope you'll take advantage of the magic of music in your travels. And make some sounds of your own along the way!

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Growing Up in a Portable Lifestyle™

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since we began our Portable Lifestyle™. Things have definitely changed, but our attitude is the same. The biggest changes, of course, have got to be with our two boys. Having traveled so much during their younger years, Jon-Jon and Julian have developed into well-rounded people, carrying on traditions that began during the early days of our island hopping.

For a look back, we are reprinting a couple of articles we wrote two years into our Portable Lifestyle™ journey. Note while some things change, some stay right on course!

What We've Learned from Our 7-Year-Old (when he was only 6)

Jon-Jon PortraitJon-Jon and Julian both celebrated birthdays this past month and we had a wonderful celebration with friends and family at the Underwood Family Farm. And even though we've been on-the-go, Jon-Jon fell right back in with his good friends we'd only seen once or twice in two years!

Armed with a number of BrainQuest flash-card sets, his Leapster 2 portable gaming device, the Magic Treehouse book series, and a wake of activity workbooks and science kits, Jon-Jon has been keeping up with his peers on all levels of learning. Plus, both boys have experienced culture, geography, and language firsthand as we've travelled.

Yes, our children are getting the ultimate alternative education. And with Jon's guidance, they are learning everything that would normally be taught in school. It's quite magical to see them progress as we work, travel, and enjoy our lives. Still, Jon-Jon has done a lot on his own including letting us know when it's time to rise to the next level.

Jon-Jon loves taking notes as he learns and has developed a habit of writing things down before he goes to bed. Each morning he reviews his list in order to complete JJ 2016 the tasks that he has intended. Whether it be visiting a website, completing a project, or reminding himself of a certain date (i.e. Mom's birthday or the release date of a movie), Jon-Jon knows how to "get things done". He is a true go-getter.

Now fourteen and in eighth grade, Jon-Jon is very focused on his schoolwork and has maintained his interest in math, science and organization. Writing is more of an art for him than a chore and he often spends his personal "fun time" on the Kahn Academy website. He has also been very involved in Boy Scouts and has his eye on achieving Eagle Scout in the next few years.

For More than Half of One's Life

Julian, International Traveler Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a truly nomadic life where home is not a location, but a feeling?

Perhaps you noticed those friends and classmates who always seemed to be coming back from some exotic or faraway location, or maybe they just went camping every weekend. In my younger years, travel and vacations were something that happened only once, maybe twice a year. But we now have a seasoned traveler in our midst, someone who has been traveling for 2/3 of his life, and he's only 3 years old!

We just celebrated Julian's birthday this past weekend and he has really taught us a few things about being an International citizen. When Julian speaks of "home" he Julian, ASBVP is referring to our immediate family and where we are currently staying. He never gets phased or upset when he wakes up in a new bed. Julian is and always will be of International consciousness. He is the ultimate Portable Lifestyler.

Julian continues to be at ease no matter where the location. Making friends is not a problem. In fact, he is now rarely home right after school unless his entourage is in tow. And at ten-years-old, he has even become a bit of a politician having been voted Vice President of his 5th grade student body. Way to go, Julian.

{The original text of these articles was printed in 2009, TraveLiving issues #8 & #9}

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