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Monday 1st, August 2016

Hollywood Bowl Boys
Enjoying Summer at the Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Bowl Boys

Dear [[firstname]],

Hello and happy August!

This year we have spent most of our summer in Southern California. It's been a blast doing a lot of local activities we haven't done in ages! So far, we've been to the Hollywood Bowl 3 times, The Santa Barbara Bowl, Dodger Stadium, Venice Beach, 2 Independence Day Parades, and much more.

Included below is our report on Turks and Caicos as well as an article on traveling with pets. Read on!

Abundant Travels,
             Kathryn & Jon

The Turks & Caicos Report

Homemade R.V. Turks and Caicos is one of the favorite Caribbean Islands that we've visited. Why? Many reasons, but one big one is that the people here...   Read More >>

Traveling with Pets

Make $ Online The biggest excuse people use for not living a Portable Lifestyle (other than fear for lack of money) is "hard-to-sever" ties to home...   Read More >>

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In this issue #38

The Turks and Caicos Report

VIP for Free Turks and Caicos is one of the favorite Caribbean Islands that we've visited

Why? Many reasons, but one big one is that the people here all speak English and could not be nicer and more accommodating. While it's hard to beat Asia for service, Turks came close.

We did business and also played here (you can't beat Beaches Resorts for all-inclusive fun), and here's how it stacks up.

•    Wifi everywhere was fast and reliable. Working was easy.
•  Inspiration was all around us in the turquoise water and white sand beaches surrounding the island, our favorite.
•  Transportation - you either stay at a big resort with everything or rent a car. Car rental was easy but pricy. But because Providenciales is tiny, not a lot of gas was needed.
•  Food was amazing everywhere from the local hotspots (Bugaloos, Thursday night Fish Fry) to haute cuisine (Bay Bistro takes the cake - literally with the most chocolatey flourless chocolate cake we've ever had).
•  Fun was almost too much. It was hard to work. We did scuba diving almost every day while staying at Beaches (scuba and snorkeling trips were free), went on numerous boats, shopped, swam and danced our way through the trip.
•  The retreat Kathryn led was heaven. Never before had she done workshops exercises in the water and on a paradise beach. The group took two boat excursions and ate both local and beach-side, upscale cuisine. Extra excursions explored the island and went to the big local Fish Fry on Thursday night.

•  It was really hard to find a hotel with meeting rooms. Our travel agent was tearing her hair out trying to find one (we had already booked a Beaches vacation there).
•  Catering was brutal. One meal was over an HOUR late, and the starving group made the best of it. Restaurant meals went better.
•  The conclusion from the two above points is that the island is not well geared for dividing business with pleasure. They're good at bringing the fun but not well set up for business travel. We hope they'll work on improving that.
•  Arriving & leaving -- the line was at least an hour for immigration and then an hour to get through security and leave. Glad we knew that in advance.

We did not want to leave and still miss Turks & Caicos. No wonder so many notables make it their home. It's just the right combination of remote and uncrowded and big enough to offer everything you could want for a dreamy paradise stay.

Everyone who joined us there has the same feeling. Maybe we'll see YOU there on our next trip?

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Traveling with Pets

Ranger the Dog Traveler Sky & Julian

The biggest excuse people use for not living a Portable Lifestyle (other than fear for lack of money) is "hard-to-sever" ties to home. And while jobs, extended family, and property are often given as reasons to stay rooted, pets are the number one thing keeping people from picking up and taking off.

In the past, we used to travel quite a bit with our dog Ranger, a medium-sized lab and greyhound mix. After he passed away at 16, we decided to take a break before adopting another dog.

Earlier this year, we got our new lab puppy, Sky. And now, at 9-months-old, he is the perfect age to once again join us on our trips. Already, we've taken him to the beach, the mountains, the countryside, and the desert. Soon, we'll take him camping! His luggage consists of nothing more than his dog bed, his dog food, his favorite toy, and his leash. Contrary to popular belief, pet-friendly travel and animal lodging solutions abound!

The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer contains even more information that will hearten you on quarantines, packing, and pet-friendly options (one of Ranger's favorite destinations was Big Bear, CA). In addition, there are many websites that support pet-friendly solutions including Official Pet Hotels, Pets Welcome, and Trips with Pets.

Your pets are an important part of your family. Don't leave them behind the next time you leave town.

{The original version of this article was printed in 2009, TraveLiving issue #9}

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