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Tuesday 11th, August 2015

Kathryn Enjoying 1st Class
Enjoying 1st Class as I Write this Ezine

Dear [[firstname]],

As our travels continue, things have gotten so easy for us. It's fun to see how the systems, the tricks and techniques we teach to make a traveling lifestyle easy streamline the whole process of working and traveling and most of all, having fun.

In the past few years, we've automated many of our delivery methods and offer more do-at-home courses than live ones, so the workload is smaller.

Think about how you can increase your efficiency and what you can do to automate and free up more time for enjoying your travels.

One thing that has become clear as we've mentored others -- there are many, many ways to clear 6 figures and head toward 7. This is not a well-traveled path, and so the possibilities are immense with very little competition breathing down your neck.

Read on to find out more. Hope you have a great end-of-summer!

Abundant Travels,
             Kathryn & Jon

Several Ways to 7 Figures

7 Figure Income As our businesses have continued to grow, it's been interesting to see the ways we've had to adapt. It is a real leap to achieve...   Read More >>

Making the Leap to Portable

Go Portable Have you been starting to vacation taking a little work with you - as we often suggest? Have you taken some of your work...   Read More >>

A Favorite Memory

Santa in Boracay One of our favorite memories was on Boracay - the island where we lived in the Philippines. This is the vacation island of...   Read More >>

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Several Ways to 7 Figures

One Million Dollars

As our businesses have continued to grow, it's been interesting to see the ways we've had to adapt. It is a real leap to achieve abundance.

You must continually strive to expand, stabilize and keep up. We've seen three clearcut paths that lead to 6 figures no matter what virtual business you've started.

1. Go Big. You create a volume operation with a big bestseller leading the way. Usually your products or classes are at an affordable price, and you sell a lot of them.

REQUIREMENTS: You must have a big enough market to make this leap or create such a market. At the time Apple introduced the ipad, tablets were unknown. They saw a need and created their own market, very successfully. The price point for a tiny, flat computer was very low considering the computing power you got coupled with convenience.

2. Go Boutique. You create a small, specialty operation and charge a premium price. This is an easier choice, but it can take some intestinal fortitude to put out that pricing, and your work had better live up. Every bit of my stuff came up when I began charging $15,000 for a 3 month coaching practice. But people were willing to pay it rather than continuing to spin their wheels and wait any longer for love. And I have the wall of weddings to back up the fact that my love work is effective.

REQUIREMENTS: You can have a smaller market but must develop products that fills a very specific need. A great reputation or proof on how special and effective what you offer is will help you to make this leap. One person I mentored easily makes 7 figures offering only high end, specialty packages. Another never wants to deal with people and has also achieved 7 figures. In this case, he offers only products and puts out videos to sell them.

3. Go High-end Expert. The more specialized you are, the more you can charge. This is true in any industry. If you pick a niche with highly motivated people who need what you offer, you can charge so much that it takes very little to make bank. An example are the business coaches who charge $12,000 per month and cater to high level executives. As a rule, anything that makes people money is a hard subject and more can be charged for it.

REQUIREMENTS: A stellar reputation, good testimonials and a targeted market segment with highly motivated people who need something that you can provide. You also have to be willing to make this leap, to charge accordingly and to put out marketing that supports the image you must put out to attract high end clients.

It's interesting how easy it is to up your income once you know how. It takes a willingness to charge what you're worth, serve your market well and not compromise.

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Making the Leap to Portable

Woman Leaping with Suitcase
Have you been starting to vacation taking a little work with you - as we often suggest?

Have you taken some of your work virtual? Our Portable Lifestyle™ Primer gives you the basics of starting out, and it's been fun to watch many of you setting up to go.

As you start getting things in place to take off, we recommend you do 2 things:

1. Explore destinations and figure out where you want to go first. In our travels, we've done this in several ways. One way is to pick a spot where you'll stay 6 months or however long the visa will allows and just go there. We did this in the Philippines, and it was probably the best experience of our Portable Lifestyle™.

The second way is to put together an itinerary. We did this for our first foray into the Portable Lifestyle™. We started in Hawaii -- where we spent 6 weeks. Then it was Fiji for a month, Australia for 2 months, and then Asia. You can pick your first few stops and figure out how long you can or want to stay

2. Set a target date to take off. We have several people we're mentoring doing that right now. It's very easy to procrastinate until you almost give up. But when you set a deadline, things come into focus and you won't get sidetracked from living your dream.

Studies show over & over again that people get things done much more easily with baby steps. So, once you've got a target date, you can break down the steps to get there and slot them into your calendar.

We hope you'll take the leap. When we embarked on this life in 2007, we never looked back. It was so much easier & more rewarding than we ever could have imagined, and it continues to evolve, enriching our lives.

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A Favorite Memory

Boracay in the Philippines

One of our favorite memories was on Boracay - the beautiful island where we lived during our 6 month stay in the Philippines. This is the vacation island of the region, is only 4 miles long and has over 200 restaurants!

We spent Christmas with friends at the luxe 5 star Shangri-La Hotel on the island, where Santa showed up on a yacht with his elves surrounding him on jet skis. And then for New Year's we hopped onboard a party catamaran and watched dozens upon dozens of fireworks displays all along the shore.

What a fun holiday that was!

Boracay in the Philippines

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