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Wednesday 20th, February 2013

JJ JuJu Alta

Jon-Jon & Julian Enjoy the Snow at Alta, UT

Dear [[firstname]],

Hope this email finds you well and either enjoying cold weather or planning an escape. We're up to our ears in snow. After a couple month's hiatus from travel, we're off again, and it's nonstop for the rest of the year.

At the moment, we're staying in Park City, Utah, skiing some of the best powder in the world, and having the time of our lives. Julian, our 6 year old, has just graduated to poles. We try to ski at least once a year, so the boys are seasoned snow carvers.

We've also met fellow Portable Lifestylers here, taking advantage of the ski season. One couple we met is from Cape Town, South Africa. They also maintain a home in Dallas as well. They're here skiing, and running their business remotely. They specialize in providing on-line marketing assistance to retailers. They pretty much go where they like but tend to be in the U.S. for summer and a bit of skiing while then trotting off to South Africa during summer there (our winter).

It’s pretty funny seeing folks sitting on the chair lift checking email in between ski runs. Keeping one eye on business if it allows you to play hooky on the slopes is not so bad. We hope you'll continue to transition into this glorious life of traveling at will while watching your virtual income burgeon!

Abundant Travels
             Jon & Kathryn

Laying in Portable Income in 6 Weeks (or doubling yours)

money pile You may have heard our story – how it took us about six weeks to convert our income to a portable one, virtualizing everything and then taking off for 5 years of island-hopping... Read More >>

The Portable Lifestyle Post Valentine's Winter Sale

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In this issue #26

Laying in Portable Income in Just 6 Weeks
(or doubling yours!)

Money PileYou may have heard our story – how it took us about six weeks to convert our income to a portable one, virtualizing everything and then taking off for 5 years of island-hopping.

Does this sound impossible?

Or do you use the excuse that you don’t yet have a solid business or are locked into a full-time job?

It’s easier than you think, and we guarantee that you have many untapped resources at your disposable to lay in virtual income right now.

It’s amazing how quickly those who get our Portable Lifestyle Primer create a solid portable income stream or convert their current means of support into a virtual endeavor.

Even if you have a full-time job, you’d be surprised at how easily you can convert all or part of your work into a virtual job, saving your employer overhead and becoming more productive away from office distractions.

Here are some examples of those we’ve mentored who went virtual:

  1. The relocation specialist who found (when she asked) that her employer valued her services so highly that the company gladly let her switch continents & travel frequently while keeping her job. She has proven more valuable as she herself experiences the details of setting up in a new location.

  2. The yoga teacher who virtualized her practice. She began by servicing fellow portable lifestylers with private Skype yoga lessons. She then began charging for access to a series of on-line yoga videos that clients can stream whenever they need them. And her biggest hit has proven to be offering remote diagnostic and remedial services (at a pretty penny) for executives who experience travel aches and pains. They meet on Skype, she sees what is going on, and tailors a stretching and exercise program to provide them relief. She emails the protocol to them, complete with diagrams, travel suggestions and suggestions for mobile props they can pack.

  3. The life coach who converted his practice to a completely remote one within just two weeks. He laid in the Timedriver service (which we use) so clients could schedule themselves, recommends personalized audio and video to help clients, and set up virtual payment through credit cards and PayPal. His practice has grown as he has removed himself from being in a specific location, probably because his market increased considerably.

It's easier than you think to get going. We suggest taking a practice trip – perfect for the winter time – in which you get some work done even as you vacation. This lets you see what special equipment you may need and how best to schedule in a bit of work amidst all the travel fun.

There are some very simple steps you can take to get going even tonight. The steps add up, and before you know it, you’re OFF!

Our Portable Lifestyle Primer takes you through a step-by-step process of virtualizing your work, your life and then, taking off on your first extended trip. We even give you specifics on making a practice run. It’s the easiest way to get up and running quickly.

Get going now with the Primer - find out more here:

Or look out for our 3-Day Post-Valentine’s Winter Sale starting next Tuesday. We'll be offering some great savings as well as some bonuses, too!

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