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Thursday 29th, December 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Kathryn & Jon!

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Wow, can you feel the energy speeding up at 2012 approaches? We sure can and the possibilities feel endless -- even as some things arise to release: old patterns, drama and any limits to living the life!

We have a series of small jaunts planned right now and are still deciding where to go in the new year. We may stay in Los Angeles a bit longer for a business deal in the works, but there are so many tempting spots beckoning to us right now -- and some balmy weather, too!

Where do YOU want to go in 2012? Both physically and in your life?

Kathryn is offering a FREE webinar/teleseminar to shepherd you into a year of dreams coming true. Do join her for her intention-setting teleseminar on Thursday, January 5th and learn the technique we teach on manifesting. Reserve your space by visiting Several hundred have already signed up, so you'll be in good company.

Here's to an amazing year of travel, adventure and success!

Abundant Travels,
            Jon & Kathryn

Make 2012 Your Year of
Freedom & Success!

ducks in a row Are you determined to make 2012 the year you step into your Portable Life? There are ways to ENSURE that it is by doing some strong intention-setting... Read More >>

Catching Up with Yourself

the roadHave you felt impatient? Maybe even a bit trapped? Given the cold weather, are you envisioning yourself on a tropical island? Or hitting the slopes...

   A Quiz

in BoracayWhere would you like to be most right now? What would be your top choice? Have we got you thinking more portably? Hopefully, you're seeing... Read More >>

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In this issue #23

Make 2012 Your Year of Freedom & Success!

Ducks in a RowAre you determined to make 2012 the year you step into your Portable Life? There are ways to ENSURE that it is by doing some strong intention-setting and then backing that up with some changes.

1.   Write down what you want in 2012.   Get specific & with feeling. Jot down places you'd like to visit, an income you want to make and any other goals. Decorate the list, light a candle over these intentions & breathe in all of the possibilities you are opening to.

2.   Do some imagining and research on the life you want.   We have noticed that for every destination we've visited, a preparation kicked in that seemed to pull us there. We researched, enjoyed photos and envisioned ourselves being there. This has also been true for our business achievements. Every one was preceded by some planning, some imagining and envisioning. The more real you make where you want to go in your head, the faster it will happen. There was a time when we both had a photo of Sydney on our screensavers, and it seemed a distant to visit this far-away city. Not only have we now been there several times, but we developed some great relationships there that has enabled us to teach there regularly!

3.   Get hopeful, eradicate blocks.   You’re going to have to ensure that you’re open to the possibilities. If you’ve been cynical, find some faith that yes, you really can have an abundant, semi-retired life (true). If you have felt trapped where you are, scared of the economy or doubtful that you could really travel and experience great prosperity at the same time, let go into a vision of something better. The most powerful delays to living your dream are internal. Don't complain, don't get discouraged, just keep reading our material, daydreaming about destinations you want to see and look for stories of others who are doing what you want to do.

You have every hope for this life. Let's affirm that this is the year you really step into a Portable Lifestyle and all of your dreams being realized!

Don’t miss the FREE intention-setting teleseminar that Kathryn is giving on Thursday, January 5th. She will teach you a manifestation process that ensures you experience a big lifestyle change this year! Sign up NOW here:

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Catching Up with Yourself

How to launch into what you REALLY want instead of staying
in impatience and feeling dissatisfied with your life

The Road Ahead
Have you felt impatient? Maybe even a bit trapped? Given the cold weather, are you envisioning yourself on a tropical island? Or hitting the slopes?

These feelings -- frustration and impatience -- are signs that you need to catch up with yourself. Your imagination has gone. You're ready to go, but you haven't made the leap. Your world suddenly feels too small.

There are some very simple ways to get moving in the direction of your Portable Lifestyle and catch up with your dream.

1.   Plan some small jaunts.   We know many of you already have our Insider's Resource Guide. It has some concrete places you can go now that won't break the budget to take a trial run. And the first week in January is traditionally a very slow travel time so you can get deals for almost nothing. It's even a great time to visit an amusement park and have no lines to hold you up. Do something that excites you, even just a one or two day getaway. You can even set aside a day to explore spots in your own area that you've never visited.

2.   Take some concrete steps to unplug yourself from the ties that bind.   Start going virtual, using the tips we always provide. Get paypal, sign up for on-line banking, create your first virtual product that can be bought and delivered over the internet. Those who have gone virtual under our tutelage have all taken these baby steps. They add up, and before you know it, you're free, off and running.

3.   Can the excuses.   When we work with people to create a Portable Life, they've got lots of reasons as to why they can't do it now. But they're only excuses and it can all be surmounted to allow the freedom to come and go as you please. One of the major gifts right now is that you can create a sizable income while visiting a less expensive economy and take advantage of the price differential to live a luxe life, getting the support to expand even more -- no matter WHAT the economy is doing. With the advent of Cloud computing, wifi proliferation and more travel options, living a Portable Lifestyle gets easier and easier.

And yes, Kathryn's intention-setting teleseminar next week can give you that boost of energy you need as well as some practical ways to catch up with yourself. Sign up HERE:

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Relaxing in Boracay

-- A Quiz --

Where would you like to be most right now? Pick one (all prices shown are in U.S. Dollars)

___ 2 bedroom, 2 bath beachfront apartment on Punta Cana beach, Dominican Republic. $1900 per month with restaurant, pool and a paradise beach view. Utilities included, wifi, phone, A/C, balcony with view, luxury kitchen and expat neighbors. Beautiful resort with friendly, helpful concierge and staff.

___ 3 bedroom, 3 bath luxury villa in Phuket Thailand near beach for $1500 per month. Walled property with pool, yard, gardens, high end kitchen, jacuzzi tub and staff. Parking through automatic gate that accesses property. Laundry pickup from next door laundry.

___ 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo-tel on Boracay Island in the Philippines for $1500 per month. Sweeping ocean and island views, restaurant with room service, ocean-side pool with pool-side service, daily maid service, free air conditioned van & driver to town. Throw in massages in your unit for $10 an hour.

___ 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite with living room and kitchen on Lombok, Indonesia at beachfront luxury resort for $1300 per month. Daily buffet breakfast for 4 included. Huge lagoon style pool, game rooms, tennis, nightly free entertainment, economical room service menu, daily maid service and beautiful extensive grounds. Wifi throughout

___ 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath luxury home with pool for $2000 per month or 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath waterfront condo for $500 per month on Antigua, Caribbean. $200 pays for full-time housekeeper for a month. Walking distance to harbour shops. Olympic size pool with cabanas and tennis courts free with rental. White sand, turquoise water beach outside your door

___ 2 bedroom suite at 5 star hotel complete with 2 acre beachside lagoon pool, private pool or beach side cabana, 8 restaurants, wildlife compounds, resort shuttles, games, nightly shows and entertainment and gorgeous grounds for $299 per week on the Riviera Maya, Mexico

___ 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath ski in, ski out chalet at luxury ski resort in the Rocky Mountains. Hot tub, full kitchen, room service, discounted lift tickets, hot cocoa and lunch package for $399 a week.

What would be your top choice? Have we got you thinking more portably? Hopefully, you're seeing some possibilities.

All of the above lodging deals plus insider info on how to get mentions in major magazines, television shows and media are just a few of the resources contained in our Insider's Resource Guide. To find out more, check it out HERE:

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