Be GLAD You Lost Your Job! - 22nd September 2009

For many who we've talked to who have been laid off or fired from their jobs (which has been going around a lot lately), it is a vast OPENING into what they want. The New York Times even recently did an article about the fact that employment shifts have been a boon to people following their dream into a job they want.

On this topic, we LOVE the concept that you're sometimes kicked out of your small world because there is a BIGGER one awaiting you. Most who have lost their jobs were unhappy there or felt stuck.

If this sounds like you, see the change as an OPPORTUNITY. Strive to make it true that you're GLAD you lost your job!

1. Make a list of things you've WANTED to do work-wise: a new career path or your ideal job.

2. Send out some feelers in the directions of interest. Contact a school, create a small product, put up a Craigslist ad, just to see what flows.

3. Stay positive. Don't use the job loss as an excuse to be depressed or worried. This doesn't help and can hold you down from where you SHOULD be.

4. Keep yourself centered and trusting that you WILL be supported better than ever as you step into what you REALLY want to do. AND you'll be more prosperous than ever before.

We send you our support. Perhaps this is an opening for you to enter into a Portable Lifestyle, where your means of support is divorced from your locale. We've seen several people who lost their jobs use our material to do something completely different, leading to their own Portable Lifestyle.

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We're here to support you!

Abundant Travels,
        Jon & Kathryn

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Jon Tompkins & Kathryn Alice are married with four children. They have been traveling internationally since October 2007, spending more than a month in each of 12 tropical countries. They run successful internet businesses as well as a consulting business. It took them just a few months to get ready to go, and they have already shepherded others into this lifestyle. Accomplished speakers and writers, they have co-created bestselling products together and their work has been featured in Psychology Today, Parade, The New York Times, Body+Soul, Newsweek and on Montel Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, KXLU & KPFK radio, and NBC television.

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