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Tuesday 30th, June 2009

Jon-Jon Julian Mini Disco

Jon-Jon & Julian Perform at the Mini Disco in Punta Cana, Republica Dominicana

Dear Friends & Fellow Travelers,

Wow, what a month! We're approaching our final days in the Dominican Republic and it's been quite the adventure. We've circled most of the country enjoying it's spectacular beaches, resorts, and restaurants. This final week we're cramming in parasailing, a boating trip for diving, and lots of swimming. Our next stop is Central America, a place none of us have ever been.

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Read on to learn the latest WiFi news and about a new type of lodging that's perfect for Portable Lifestylers.

We hope you are having a great summer! Talk to you soon.

Abundant Travels,
            Jon & Kathryn


Condotel Graphic smOne concern of Portable Lifestylers is having everything we need right at our fingertips and a more home-like environment as we travel. The newest entry into the lodging... Read More >>


We are seeing WiFi offered in more & more places,
and for us Portable Lifestylers, it's a godsend! WiFi
in the Air
: Jetblue already offers...

RESOURCES: *FREE* Teleseminar:
Thursday, July 23rd

"Make 6 Figures Virtually". Yes, we are offering another free teleseminar to support you making more money than you ever imagined... Read More >>

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In this issue #6


One concern of Portable Lifestylers is having everything we need right at our fingertips and a more home-like environment as we travel. The newest entry into the lodging arena fits this bill perfectly.

Condotel Graphic Medium

A condotel is, as you can guess from the name, a combination condominium and hotel. The units often will be larger than your average hotel suite with added amenities like a full kitchen and extra bathrooms. And unlike most condo rentals, they offer hotel services like room service, laundry, telephone, restaurant, regular cleaning and a bar. Most are equipped with good Internet connectivity and best of all, condotels offer a lower monthly rate, perfect for us Portable Lifestylers who tend to stay longer in a place. They tend to be more resort-like, always a plus.

One way to find such offerings is to visit and click on the tab at the top that says "condos, suites & more." Do a search and scroll through for the ones that offer the additional services. To find a monthly rate, you may have to contact the condotel management directly, but the savings makes it worth it.

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We are seeing WiFi offered in more & more places, and for us Portable Lifestylers, it's a godsend!

Wifi in the Air: Jetblue already offers free WiFi on one of its flights. Delta and American will offer PAID WiFi starting later this year for anyone with a WiFi-enabled laptop, smart phone or other device. U.S. Airways will try this, too, on one flight to begin with in late 2009.

Denny's: Yes, that bastion of 24-hour breakfasts, Denny's is offering WiFi at many of their locations.

Starbucks: Originally only available for purchase or use with a T-mobile wireless plan, the coffee king now offers 2 hours of free WiFi daily as long as you maintain at least a $5 balance on your Starbucks card and use it at least once a month. At many locations outside of the States you can just login with their daily password!

Subway & other fast food restaurants: At many venues throughout the world you can get free WiFi just by purchasing a little bite or something to drink.

Finding WiFi Anywhere: We've just ordered a wireless antenna to help extend our range of picking up WiFi anywhere. Most antennas are under $100US and you can hook them to a window (or hang them outside) and then connect using an extension cable to boost your receiving ability. Most have reported going from a 0 or 1 bar signal up to a full-on 5 bars worth of reception! We'll let you know how ours is working once it arrives.

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