April 15, 2009

Dear Friends & Fellow Travelers,

Hi! Jon is flying to Palm Springs as you receive this, going to the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival to see Paul McCartney and 100 other bands perform over this fun, three day event with at least one of our older boys, who is flying in from college. Then, Kathryn travels to Kiawah Island for a week with friends and after that, we're taking off to the world of all-inclusivity in the Caribbean. We will give you a full report later!

Meanwhile, we wanted to say "Hello", and give you a challenge. If you are REALLY SERIOUS about planting the seeds of a Portable Lifestyle, we invite you to do one (or all) of these 3 things in the NEXT WEEK.

1. Buy a laptop, if you don't already have one. You can get a Netbook for as little as $250 (at BrandsMart) that has full-on internet capability and a bigger hard drive than you may have now! It's a great way to set yourself up to be more portable, and every step you take toward becoming portable is a step into freedom.

2. Go to a posh hotel and hang out there. Either have lunch or just take a good book and sit in a cushy armchair in the lobby for an hour or more. Take in the vibe of it and start feeling like this is where you belong. Peoplewatch and see what the many travelers are like. This will help you feel into what The Portable Lifestyle can be like, and simply catching the vibe goes a long way into making it a reality for you.

3. Listen to our Planting the Seeds to Your Own Portable Lifestyle teleseminar if you haven't already. You can stream or download it here. And if you've already heard it, listen again. You will hear things you didn't the first time around, and it will keep you moving forward into this idealic existence.

We look forward to seeing you out in the world, and will keep you informed of new resources, exercises and our own experiences of living portably as we go!

Abundant Travels,
      Jon & Kathryn