What Is Your Biggest Block to Travel? - 18th March 2009

Ahh.... spring is finally upon us. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass is once again turning back to the color we all know and love. If ever the grass was greener, it's beginning right now.

It's also the optimum time to start planning for your spring and summer getaways or putting into action the plans you have been making all winter long. If you are reading this, you know that travel is inevitable.

However, if you are at all hesitant to take off this year, we want to know what YOUR BIGGEST BLOCK is to traveling in the next six months. What do you think might be "holding you back" or what would you would like to learn or gain to help you achieve The Portable Lifestyle™ of your dreams in the next 180 days?

Submit your thoughts, concerns, and issues to us and we will provide you with everything you need to get past the blocks and out into the world of portability.

Our next FREE TELESEMINAR (scheduled for late April) will speak directly to you and break through the foggy mess the media is perpetuating and open you up to the unbelievable and amazing opportunities that surround us all!

This IS the BEST TIME EVER to set yourself up for a portable life and we look forward to seeing you out there in the world.

Please give us the chance to support you even further in the expansion of your life and get you out to the places you have always dreamed of visiting. The time is NOW.

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Abundant Travels,
        Jon & Kathryn

Jon Tompkins & Kathryn Alice are married with four children. They have been traveling internationally for over a year, spending more than a month in each of 10 tropical countries. They run successful internet businesses as well as a consulting business. It took them just a few months to get ready to go, and they have already shepherded others into this lifestyle. Accomplished speakers and writers, they have co-created bestselling products together and their work has been featured in Psychology Today, Parade, The New York Times, Body+Soul, Newsweek and on Montel Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, KXLU & KPFK radio, and NBC television.

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