Q & A: JOBS - 9th December 2008

Many of you have sent in questions to us regarding the Portable Lifestyle, and we will occasionally email you some answers. Here is a question that a few of you have sent to us in different forms.

[If you have a friend who recently lost their job of is fearful of losing theirs, forward this email to them. They will be grateful.]

Q: I just lost my job. I'm a bit panicked about money and what I'm going to do. The LAST thing on my mind is living a Portable Lifestyle. I'm worried about mere survival. Isn't it ridiculous for me to even have thoughts of this life right now?

A: No, it's not. In our estimation, it is the PERFECT time to think of a Portable Lifestyle. You are now free and have time on your hands to go in this direction.

While we know that might sound crazy, staying at survival level will not serve you. Decisions based on fear or panic are not strong ones. It's better to get centered and make choices from a higher place.

If this sounds airy fairy, it's not. It is based on actual cases.

CASES: When Kathryn Directed Agape's Crisis Support Clinic, many of the cases they saw were of people who had just lost their job. The newly fired or newly laid off would walk in the door fearful, dejected and hurt.

Once their initial feelings of rejection and panic had been soothed, the counselor would ask the person, "If you could do anything you want, would you keep this job?" Their answer was always, "no." Most were quite unhappy in their position.

The counselor would then surmise that perhaps they were being kicked out of their small world because a bigger and better world was awaiting them. The client would become more hopeful.

The next question was: "If you could do anything you want, what would you do? What is your ideal job?" The client would then speak on this subject at length and be encouraged to hold that vision as they went forth.

Clients would leave the Clinic hopeful, and most subsequent reports were that better and more enjoyable positions were found or perhaps a business was started that was much more lucrative and fulfilling. Often, the perfect situation would fall right in their lap.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE; Kathryn recently practiced this same technique on a Love Club Member. Once a year, she offers private phone sessions to members of her Love Club. In one session, a member was between jobs. Kathryn asked her what her ideal position would be, and they together honed a description of her perfect job.

Within two weeks, the Love Club Member had the exact job she had described - down to the very detailed duties she wanted - and with a nice salary hike. And further, it is a telecommuting job so that she can work wherever she can get Internet access and phones.

ONE MORE POINT: If you're cost-cutting, going to a low-cost paradise location to regroup while you are building on-line income is not a bad idea. You can often live for half or less than you are living on at home and run around in a bathing suit on tropical beaches during your downtime.

EXERCISE: Wherever you are now, rather than getting panicked over a situation, we encourage you to identify this time as an opportunity. And PLEASE tune out negative voices in your life including doomsday news.

Change is in the air and you can capitalize on it to go for what you want. Believe it or not, many are doing quite well now. We meet tons of them on the road.

Spend some time removed from any fearful thinking and write down your ideal situation. Would it be a full-on Portable Lifestyle? Or a modified version where you check in every few months but roam the Planet the rest of the time? Or would you rotate between 2 or 3 places through the year? And what would you be doing for work?

Get detailed about what you want, because the more clear you get, the more likely you are to manifest your desires.

We send you our support for living the EXACT life you want!

Feel free to forward this email to a friend who needs it. To sign up for the Portable Lifestyle information, send an email to:

Here are some resources we offer to open up to a more portable, prosperous and ENJOYABLE job situation--

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Abundant Travels,
        Jon & Kathryn

Jon Tompkins & Kathryn Alice are married with four children. They have been traveling internationally for over a year, spending more than a month in each of 10 tropical countries. They run successful internet businesses as well as a consulting business. It took them just a few months to get ready to go, and they have already shepherded others into this lifestyle. Accomplished speakers and writers, they have co-created bestselling products together and their work has been featured in Psychology Today, Parade, The New York Times, Body+Soul, Newsweek and on Montel Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, KXLU & KPFK radio, and NBC television.

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